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Health is not about data – health is about you!

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Taking a holistic approach to your health

Bringing you the ultimate personal health coach. We are about health while even more so, being passionate about people. We believe that seamlessly integrating and matching your real-world data in a holistic and systematic view will allow for deeper insights and consequently optimize your very personal quality of life.

Making sense out of what is there

We will be using what is already available, data from sensors and sources belonging to your daily routine. Working with available digital tools, we are developing a system of people for people. Our system is an intelligent health coach and monitoring platform, providing personalized answers for the individual.

Personalized Coaching

Optimizing lifestyle choices is still the most effective way to impact hypertension. But where to start and how to know what helps and what doesn’t? We're here to take the guessing out of the equation.

By following our individual nudgings, connecting your digital devices and measuring in an easy to follow way, we can determine what has the biggest impact on your blood pressure. Enriched with useful and relevant information, we will make optimizing your lifestyle a breeze!

Our Apps

We are passionate about many things. When it comes to our company though, we focus on an essential few. We are working on something big & developing the next generation of digital therapeutics for hypertension & true non-invasive CGM. Extending the reach of doctors and experts to bring their insights and expertise to you, while helping you identify what really matters for your blood pressure and ultimately your quality of life.

Riva – Digital Pulse

Easily get insights into your heart health, optical recordings of heart related parameters, synchronise medical and lifestyle sources.

Currently unavailable while working on an
updated and improved version

Riva – Digital Blood Pressure

Our app was created to fight hypertension and incentivize people to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
Get to know your heart - it's worth it!

Currently unavailable while working on an
updated and improved version

Our Partners


Thomas Guggi

MD with a digital brain and a human heart. Following decades of experience helping people of all ages with their joints and bones and innovatively supporting colleague doctors in doing their job more efficiently by developing digital tools. His challenge and energy dedicated today is ultimately towards personalized health by means of predictive digital therapeutics.